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Metanoia is founded in the belief that women deserve individualized, professional, and health-focused expertise when it comes to fitness, nutrition, and wellness. I believe being well looks different on everyone; all journey’s should reflect and pay attention to the individual for lasting success.

The mission of Metanoia is to promote and simplify a health-focused, individualized wellness journey - while empowering women to explore themselves and the power of holistic living.





The number on the scale seems to be what matters when I initially connect with women, but I quickly learn that’s never truly the issue. We’ve got to look at the full you for lasting fulfillment and success.


Magic happens within you when you begin knowing your food, consume consciously, and use plants to beautify yourself each day. Even better, when you give these gifts to your family.

Personal Training in Lee's Summit Missouri


The pursuit of happiness, alignment, and success is never-ending. Everyone is different; it’s important to go on that adventure together, finding sustainable paths that bring you health and happiness.

Personal Training and Nutrition in Lee's Summit


Joining together allows for more growth. A sprit of community gives us a sense that we’re all in this together - not only upleveling ourselves, but our families and community.

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Personal Trainer

I’m Jenny, a quiet, sensitive, and free-spirited woman determined to bring natural and holistic living to the women in my community.  I am the Owner, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, and Energy behind Metanoia, a private studio in Downtown Lee’s Summit.

Why do I do what I do?  I want to live in a world surrounded by kind, fulfilled, and confident women who make wholesome impacts on their friends, family, and community. I love seeing a woman transform herself and by doing so, unknowingly inspiring others to grow into a new way of living.

Who do I work with? In my private studio, I work with motivated and goal-driven women who are ready to implement a consistent wellness plan in their lives.

I specialize in Women’s Fitness, Prenatal and Postpartum Nutrition + Fitness, The Pelvic Core Neuromuscular System, Functional Training, Weight-Loss, Digestive Health, Women’s Hormones, and Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle.

My style: Instead of forcing you on the scale and posting before and after pictures for the world to see, I’m going to get to know you - listen to your struggles and what excites you. I start deliberate and un-rushed, easing you into a path that works for you - not only now, but later. I observe how your body moves to make sure you aren’t in pain or on the verge of getting hurt. I connect with you and am always looking for feedback, because I understand this is your journey - not mine. I believe in the power of sweating and nourishment, but I also know when to stop and have a cupcake.

When I’m not sweating in the studio, I’m…

  • Spending time with my two favorite people: my handy, way too handsome husband, Sam (aka Papa Bear) and my animal-loving, creative, music loving (almost teen!) daughter, Taylor (aka Little Foot). I’m Mama Bear, in case you were wondering.

  • Hanging out on our little urban homestead loving my chickens, bunnies, garden, and compost bins a little too much.

  • Chasing my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training; I’ll be formal by November-end!