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Metanoia was founded on the belief that women deserve individualized, professional, and health-focused expertise when it comes to fitness, nutrition, and wellness. We believe that health looks different on everyone and that all journey’s should reflect and pay attention to the individual for lasting success.

Whether it be Personal Training or Nutrition Consulting, we take great pride in doing what is right for the client, always. Specializing in areas such as prenatal, postpartum, core + floor rehabilitation, hormone health, and aging demographics enable us to feel 100% confident that we are the best fit for women.

Our mission is to promote and simplify a health-focused, individualized wellness journey - while empowering women in all aspects of life.


  1. We believe magic happens when you educate and empower women to chase a natural, authentic, and health-focused lifestyle.

  2. We believe intentional movement and nutrition, paired with a connection to nature bring us closer to lasting health, happiness, and our truest potential.

  3. We believe in customization; because of this we only work with a certain amount of women at one time. This ensures our clients receive the attention and care we believe they deserve.

  4. We believe in respecting your privacy and wellness journey. We do not share progress photos or your journey on social media for our benefit.

  5. We believe two are better than one. As your fitness and nutrition professionals, we create client paths as a team. We also work alongside local, like-minded professionals to offer holistic care for clients.

  6. We believe in sweat, pushing ourselves, and that intentional movement is a celebration of what our body can do. We believe gravity, functional fitness, heavy lifting, and working our heart should be an intregral part of our lives.

  7. We believe in community and look to foster a loving, accepting, and motivating environment within Metanoia. 

  8. We believe women are powerful, beautiful, and the heartbeat of the home. We love seeing how a woman's journey positively impacts her family.

  9. We believe in giving back. Each quarter, a percentage of profits are donated to MOCSA - a local nonprofit whose mission is to improve the lives of those impacted by sexual abuse or assault and to prevent abuse in our community.