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Specializing in the female + prenatal + postpartum body, the pelvic core neuromuscular system, functional training movement patterns, sustainable weight-loss, and women’s hormones empowers Metanoia to be a great match for women who desire lasting strength from the inside out.

The body acts interdependently - connectedly one - we should respect and embrace this awesome fact! At Metanoia we look at all of you to create a multi-dimensional, all encompassing path towards success.

We train for a vibrant, health-focused life - not a number on the scale or aesthetics. We understand these wins come in time; but our goals run much deeper and we are focused on the long-term.

Paths and programs are designed around you: no two programs are the same. To meet clients where they are, I offer:

  • Private Personal Training (1:1)

  • Semi-Private Personal Training (2-3 women)

  • Teen Girls Personal Training & Coaching

  • Hybrid Personal Training (in-studio & via app)

  • Virtual Personal Training (app only)

  • Metanoia’s Membership Program

I take great pride in only working with a set number of motivated females at one time and working with budgets, creating custom paths for the women I partner with. If you’d like to chat to find a path for you, reach out!


  • Schedule a 30-minute hello….

    • Let’s connect to chat through your past, current goals, budget, and lots more. If I think I am a good fit for you, I will follow up with a Custom Proposal & Pricing Options.

  • Let’s Be Goal Chasers…

    • Once we nail down a path, I’ll get to know all that makes you, you through fun things like Questionnaires, Assessments, and Health Tests.

    • Together, we’ll partner to educate, empower, and conquer.

  • Staying Connected & Accountable…

    • Formal meetings and assessments to stay on track

    • Metanoia Client Platform

      • At-Home Workouts

      • Education & Resources

      • Tips For A Successful Journey

      • Professional Wellness Referral Network

    • Client Newsletter

    • Online Community

    • In-Studio Fitness Classes, Workshops, & Education Events

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I like to connect initially, to make sure we're a good fit for your goals. Schedule a hello, call or text us at 816.892.9955, shoot us an email, or drop the form below in our inbox and I’ll be in touch shortly!

Who We Are

Appropriate, Individualized

Focused on Long-term Success

Education & Science

Limited Clientele

Professional Practitioner Group

Who We Are Not

Templated, One Size Fits All

One Stop Shop

Unsustainable, Short-Term

Unlimited Clients & Group Size

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