I believe being well is being able to confidently move and fuel your body in all of the ways it’s designed to. Working alongside a limited amount of motivated women, together, we develop all-encompassing, fully customized paths to achieve your version of well-being.

Specializing in the female + prenatal + postpartum body, the pelvic core neuromuscular system, functional training movement patterns, sustainable weight-loss, and women’s hormones empowers Metanoia to be a great match for women who desire lasting strength from the inside out.

At Metanoia we look at all of the beautiful you to create a multidimensional path towards your version of success. We train for a vibrant, health-focused life - not a number on the scale or aesthetics.

My mission is to empower women to chase naturally healthy, happy and strong while reaching for their truest, personal power.

Jenny | CPT, WFS, PN1, PPS

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The foundation of Metanoia: Female Focused Personal Training. Let’s reimagine intentional movement to suit your body, lifestyle, and goals.

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Online Personal Training: A great path for self-accountable women who desire professional programming and virtual coaching, at a lower cost than in-studio.

Semi-Private Personal Training

Work alongside one to two additional women throughout Training Sessions, allowing you to receive the benefits of a Personal Trainer at a shared cost.

The Metanoia Membership Platform is designed to empower women to chase a holistic wellness journey; education is at the foundation of this program!

Female Fitness Classes

Invigorating, energetic, female-only sweat sessions alongside other women. The Metanoia Community is here to keep you uplifted and growing.

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Mix and match is normal around here. Finding a path that suits you is my top priority. Hybrid Coaching meshes online and in-person together beautifully.

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  • Schedule a 30-minute hello….

    • Let’s connect to chat through your past, current goals, budget, and lots more. If I think I am a good fit for you, I will follow up with a Custom Program & Pricing Options.

  • Let’s Be Goal Chasers…

    • Once we nail down a path, I’ll get to know all that makes you, you through fun things like Questionnaires, Assessments and Health Tests.

    • Together, we’ll partner to educate, empower and conquer.

  • Staying Connected & Accountable…

    • Fitness programs and coaching will be entirely designed around you - all coaching programs differ to meet women where they are and what need.

    • Formal meetings and assessments to stay on track + 24/7 access to me

    • Metanoia Client Platform

      • At-Home Workouts To Keep You Moving

      • Healthy Recipes To Inspire Your Plate

      • Education, Resources, Tips

      • Professional Wellness Network & Discounts

    • Client Newsletter & Online Community

    • In-Studio Fitness Classes, Workshops, & Education Events


I like to connect initially, to make sure we're a good fit for your goals. Schedule a hello, shoot me an email, or drop the form below in our inbox and I’ll be in touch shortly!

Who We Are

Appropriate, Individualized

Focused on Long-term Success

Education & Science

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Who We Are Not

Templated, One Size Fits All

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