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Specializing in subjects like the female + prenatal + postpartum body, the pelvic core neuromuscular system, functional training movement patterns, sustainable weight-loss, and women’s hormones empowers Metanoia to be a great match for women who desire lasting strength from the inside out.

The body acts interdependently - connectedly one - we should respect and embrace this awesome fact! If and when the foundation is off, eventually injury and/or imbalances will occur. Things like low back pain, headaches, and leakage when jumping aren’t normal - they’re just common.

At Metanoia we look at all of you to create a multi-dimensional, all encompassing path towards strength.

We don’t train biceps, chest, or the booty. We train all of you. We train for a vibrant, health-focused life.

  • Private Personal Training Sessions

  • Grab A Girlfriend Training Sessions

  • Hybrid Personal Training (in-studio & virtual)

I take great pride in only working with a set number of females at one time and being budget-friendly. If you’re interested in pursuing a fitness path, let’s connect!


Specializing in nutrition, Metanoia educates and empowers women to embrace and work with their individual body during all phases of life through lifestyle change, hormone health, and digestive health.

We don’t believe in diets and/or 6-week meal plans. Your body and life don’t either, long-term at least.

Rather, we take a look at beautifully made you! Each body is unique: food intolerances, habits, hormones, and palates should all be taken into account when looking for sustainable success.

  • Habit & Lifestyle Change

  • Sustainable Fat-Loss

  • Building Lean Muscle

  • Real Foods Detox

  • Restoring The Gut Naturally

Best suited paths will vary based on your nutritional past, current + future goals, and budget. If you’re interested in pursuing a nutrition path, let’s connect!

Nutrition Metanoia

Personal Training Nutrition Metanoia


  • Schedule a 30-minute hello….

    • Let’s connect to decide what path is best for you!

  • Let’s Be Goal Chasers…

    • I’ll get to know all that makes you, you through fun things like Questionnaires, Assessments, and Health Tests.

    • Together, we’ll partner to educate, empower, and conquer.

  • Staying Connected & Accountable…

    • Formal meetings and assessments to stay on track

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We like to connect initially, to make sure we're a good fit for your goals. Schedule a hello, call or text us at 816.892.9955, shoot us an email, or drop the form below in our inbox and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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