Personal Trainer

Jennifer Lynn

Jenny is the founder, owner, lead Personal Trainer, and Nutrition Specialist behind Metanoia-KC. Her goal is to create a female centric and health-focused space in the fitness space for women. She is extremely passionate in spreading the natural message and believes the more we reconnect with Mother Earth the healthier, happier, and stronger we will be.

  • Her favorite people are Sam (her husband-to-be) and Taylor (her 11-year old daughter).

  • Together, they have a cat, one pup, bunnies, and one too many chickens.

  • As a family, they love to be outdoors: gardening, fermenting, canning, stirring the compost bins, camping, cooking over fires, and fishing are a few of their favorite things to do.  

  • Her introduction to the beauty of fitness was the San Diego Marathon.

  • Her professional achievements include Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Women's Fitness Specialist (WFS), Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness Specialist, Hormone Specialist, and Certified Nutrition Specialist.

  • Jenny also owns The Local Fermentary; a small batch fermented foods line opening in 2019.

Jessi Martin

Jessi is a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor who is passionate about meeting women where they are in their fitness journey and gifting them with the education, motivation, and spark to help meet their goals. Outside of fitness, Jessi finds great happiness being a wife to her husband, Brett, and a mommy to her son, Teddy.

  • Her favorite moment of each day is the first sip of coffee. 

  • She loves traveling and experiencing the world but is never more comfortable than being at home. 

  • If she could change anything about the perception of exercise, it would be that exercise is an opportunity and not a burden. 

  • Although running is her first true love in the world of fitness, Jessi loves building a stronger body through strength training and a stronger heart through yoga. 

Personal Trainer