One-On-One Private Personal Training


We work alongside a limited amount of motivated women to assist in reaching their fitness + wellness goals; this is the foundation of Metanoia and an area we are extremely passionate about!

We believe each woman deserves a custom, appropriately progressed path towards success, partnership, attention to detail, education, guidance, accountability, privacy, and our full support.

Specializing and working only with women allows us to create robust and comprehensive paths for the women we partner with. 


Semi-Private Personal Training


Semi-Private Personal Training is for those who understand and appreciate the professional knowledge and push of a Personal Trainer, but can’t potentially fit one-on-one sessions in the budget.

Our Semi-Private Sessions are very similar to one-on-one; however, you will have 1-2 additional women training alongside you - sharing community, motivation, and overall session cost.

These are not fitness classes - each woman receives a Health & Fitness Assessment prior to beginning; this allows us to create custom fitness programming for each woman. Every 4-weeks, we will reassess with follow up assessments and safely + appropriately progress towards goals over a 12-week program.


Hybrid-Virtual Personal Training


Hybrid-Virtual Personal Training suits women who may be outside of our local studio, who may be on a budget, and/or who desire professional programming but plan to hold themselves accountable for completing all session(s). This package can be combined with some in-person sessions as well, we’ll chat about the best options at our consult!


Pop-Up Fitness Classes

We love hosting fitness classes + workshops and welcoming like-minded professionals into our space. Our group classes, workshops, and women's wellness events are always small and community-driven. We encourage staying connected with our Facebook page, to stay current on upcoming happenings and to sign up!


Let’s Connect:

We like to connect initially, to make sure we're a good fit and find the best path for your goals.

Text us at 816.892.9955, shoot us an email, or drop the form below in our inbox and we’ll be in touch!